As reported earlier by our friends at Blabbermouth, Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover just posted a message to the "Forums" section of the sholly redesigned about their impending European tour:

"Europe, here we come! I am really looking forward to this tour of Europe, as we have not played in certain areas since 2005 (Ireland, Scotland, etc.) as well as the festival circuit. Needless to say, this is going to be a fun trip. If things go according to plan, I 'may' be debuting a new 'toy' onstage at a certain huge U.K. festival. At this point there is a 50/50 chance due to time issues, but if it does work out, you will love it! Keep your eyes peeled."

Megadeth's new CD, United Abominations, is in stores now, having debuted at #8 on last week's Billboard Charts, thanks to a slew of new classics like "Washington is Next!," "Sleepwalker," and "Gears of War" - pick up your copy today.

The metal legends have also been tapped as ManiaTV's "Artist of the Day" for this Thursday, May 31, so tune in for an exclusive interview airing at 10AM, 4PM, 9PM, and 2AM - all EST.

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