As written earlier, this Sunday (08/19) WSOU 89.5 FM is having their 15th anniversary show in none other guessed it, NEW JERSEY! A load of bands will be in town for the festivities which will take place at Riverfront Stadium in South Orange, NJ. Looks like 25 bands in total will be performing, including a few current, and past, Roadrunner acts. Ill Nino will be playing at 5:45pm, Chimaira will hit the stage at 2:00pm, Killswitch Engage on at 1:00pm, and the Misfits, who are headlining the show, go on at 11:00pm. All in all, 12 straight hours of rock - starting at high noon and ending at midnight. Other acts include Skinlab (favorites of our very own 36 Crazyfists), Among Thieves, Vision Of Disorder, Biohazard, Primer 55, Lamb Of God, Pro-Pain, and countless others. are you ready? For the show perhaps...for Jersey, no way! Seriously, it will be a great time. Enjoy. For those who can't be there, we'll give you a re-cap come Monday.