Back in September, we announced a contest: Create a lyric video for a song from Dream Theater's latest album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, and you'd win a copy of the CD signed by all five members of the band. We got a lot of entries, and we've finally sat down and chosen the five that truly impressed us.

Now, the five prizes are identical, so these clips aren't in order from #5 to #1. They're the five best, all equally awesome. And here they are:

First up, "Far From Heaven," by adriaticturnofevents:

Next up, we've got "This is the Life," by Pyroflick:

Here's a second interpretation of "This is the Life," by jflozanot:

Here's one for "Build Me Up, Break Me Down," by juggler3142:

And finally, here's one for "Breaking All Illusions," courtesy of SherryZProductions:

Congratulations to our five winners (who we'll be contacting via YouTube), and thanks to everyone who entered! These were terrific!