Opeth is celebrating the release of their latest CD, Heritage, with a North American tour, and they just completed a two-night stand at New York's Webster Hall. The band's fans packed the venue both nights for a fascinating, and challenging, set filled with new and old songs, including five tracks from Heritage and rarities like "Patterns in the Ivy II" (from the deluxe reissue of 2001's Blackwater Park) and "Throat of Winter," a tune the band contributed to the soundtrack of the God of War video game, and which doesn't appear on any of their albums. They even unplugged for part of the performance, with Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson sitting down and playing acoustic guitars on several songs. Definitely not the heaviest shows the band have ever delivered, these performances did make it quite clear that the new album (which features no death growls at all, and goes for prog-rock intricacy over headbanging fury) is not so much a departure as a choice to emphasize a side of Opeth's music that's been there all along.

Anyway, we had photographer Justina Villanueva in the house taking pictures, and those can be viewed at this link. Go check 'em out, won't you? And when you're done, consider visiting our tour page to get tickets for an Opeth show near you.