We have two new reviews on DevilDriver's upcoming The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand to share, and an interview with guitarist Jeff Kendrick to boot. Before we start with the reading, pop open another browser and go to www.devildriver.com/fury to hear the music which is described in the words you are about to read: METALREVIEW.COM "It was about a year and a half ago that I got the MetalReview.com community's collective panties in a bunch – readers and staffers alike - by praising DevilDriver's self-titled debut. Many of them were quick to dismiss the band, unheard, simply based on vocalist Dez Fafara's prior position with Coal Chamber. Others at least took the time to listen to free tracks at Roadrunner's website before beginning their attacks, and while I had a handful of supporters, most of the readers wanted me lynched and burned at the stake as a metal heretic, daring to praise something of this nature. Well, get ready to relive those days, because I'm here to do it again to a whole new lot of you with LThe Fury of Our Maker's Hand." read the full review online at www.metalreview.com THEGREATNOTHING.COM "DevilDriver returns with their sophomore effort and quite possibly the album that will cement their name in the hallowed halls of metal. The Fury of our Maker's Hand finds the band settling into what has become their 'sound'. While still extreme in every sense, the band expands its sound on this one by incorporating powerful grooves which in turn brings depth to the first album's pure aggression." read the full review online at www.thegreatnothing.com GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE And last, from the great state of Montana, an article/interview with guitarist Jeff Kendrick that appeared in the June 15th issue of the Great Falls Tribune (written by Patrick Douglas). As follows: DevilDriver kicking up heavy-metal dust When DevilDriver released its self-titled, debut album in 2003, one man received credit for writing most of the music and lyrics. Former Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara took the next step in his musical career with the formation of DevilDriver. After the band's inception, other members joined the creative mix. The group toured on last year's Ozzfest and saw the debut album spark a buzz in the metal community. DevilDriver soon was labeled one of the heaviest bands in mainstream metal. Now the band is back with its second album, Fury Of Our Maker's Hand, scheduled for a June 28 release on Roadrunner Records. Musically, the album differs from the first record because all of the band members were involved in the songwriting. "It's everyone collaborating together and writing together," said guitarist Jeff Kendrick in a phone interview from Miami. "That's the biggest difference. The first record was really one guy writing most of the stuff and now this is like four guys that are getting in there and getting our two cents in. That's why I think the band's really progressed since the first record." Stylistically, the band retains its signature sound on "Fury," but there is an obvious growth as is evidenced in the guitar hooks in songs like "Sin & Sacrifice" and "Pale Horse Apocalypse." "I think that we definitely excelled as far as songwriters and players on this one," Kendrick explained. "I think the record is amazing. I think it's the best stuff we could've put out. I'm really pleased with how it turned out." After experiencing great success with the debut, the band was excited to get into the studio to record Fury, to show people they were capable of coming up with a worthy encore. "(It's) the second record, the sophomore slump, or success or jinx, depending on what happens with the record," he said. "We knew we had a lot better songs. Things were coming together a lot better, so going in to record we were excited. I think that the response to the new album has been really good and everyone's happy." DevilDriver formed when guitarist Evan Pitts convinced Fafara to jam with him. Pitts was absent from the new DevilDriver album after leaving the band and being replaced by Mike Spreitzer. "I don't think he could do the lifestyle," Kendrick explained of Pitts' departure. "He's a great guitar player. It's OK. We're a lot happier now, so there's no bad blood or anything. We're a lot happier having Mike in the band." Even though Fury hasn't been released yet, the band already is looking forward to the third record. "We have so much down time that you might as well pick up the guitar and try to write something at practice," Kendrick said. "No one's sitting around all day and drinking, that's for sure. People would kill to have this opportunity, and none of us want to lose the opportunity to not only do it, but do the best job we can." Kendrick said the band isn't concerned about getting too lackadaisical after their successes. "No one's comfortable with where they are or think that they've made it," he said. "We're just gonna keep going and never get satisfied. We're happy for sure, but we just want to see where this thing goes. I think it's gonna go great. I think we have a real good shot, you know." DevilDriver The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand coming June 28th..."Hold Back The Day" video coming this weekend