Nickelback is currently touring Germany. In fact, last night (08/15) was opening night, a show at a place called Rohre in Stuttgart, ya? The word coming from the powers above tell that "opening night went off great". Tonight (08/16), a show at Metropolis in Munich, ya? Ya. So check this out - Nickelback is currently in Germany. Come the end of August when they return to the US, they hit the road immediately: playing shows in support of 3 Doors Down, playing their own headline shows, and playing radio shows. Well, one show that has yet to be mentioned is a show for the Red Rocker himself... (first off, do you know who the Red Rocker is? Odds are, if you were born after 1972, the answer is 'no'. 14 people were just polled here in the office, 50% know who the Red Rocker is and 50% have no clue. One answer worth noting, "of course I know, that's like asking me if I know where we work!") Anyway, the Red Rocker is Sammy Hagar - most noted for his solo work (c'mon, all of you had to have heard "I Can't Drive 55" at least once) and from his days in Van Halen. Well, Nickelback has been invited to play at Sammy's annual birthday party in Cabo Wabo this year, a three day blowout taking place over the 2nd weekend in October. Nickelback is slated to perform on 10/13 during this bash, and will most likely be hangin' in town for a couple extra explanations necessary. Other acts to play include Godsmack, Jerry Cantrell, and the Red Rocker himself Sammy Hagar. don't think the book has been closed on this, as more info is to come... Silver Side Up in stores September 11th