Fear Factory news: I know some of you have been asking what the first single from Fear Factory's DIGIMORTAL is going to be, to which I have answered "Lynch Pin". Well, the song and sound of the title still hold true, but the spelling has been changed to "Linchpin". The band will start work shooting a video for this song on January 22nd in LA. We'll get the video up here for you ASAP, but don't hold your breath, it will be at least a month, most likely longer until we get the final version in house. In the meantime, I can tell you that this is to be a very horizontal video, constant flowing across the screen -"Concept is abstract but allows for wild creativity." And did you notice??? The new Fear Factory logo can be found on their PHOTO page. In addition to the standard jewel box release of DIGIMORTAL, there will also be a one-time run, limited edition digi-pak on this effort. The amount of digi's that are going to be pressed has yet to be decided (ahhh, good idea for a contest), but as always there will be bonus tracks (4 to be exact). The artwork will most likely be different too, mainly in regards to the inside packaging...cover will have same theme, but will be varied from the original jewel box version. Have you listened to their new track "What Will Become" yet? Make sure you check it out in the MUSIC section.