O.K., so today (11/13) we bring you some more Fear Factory news from abroad...in particular, words from their recent shows in London at the Astoria. In fact, amongst our travels whilst perusing the Roadrunner UK website today, we noticed a review which our UK web operative Kirsten Sprinks wrote. Stefan, our INTL Marketing cat here at Roadrunner aptly read the review aloud in his best British accent. So, her words are as follows (and speaking of following, do as Stefan and read this to yourself in your best British accent...tea will be served shortly): UK TOUR... LONDON & LONDON - not content with only 1 show in town, the band played 2 consecutive nights at the Astoria. For those attending both shows, the band mixed up the set a little, playing "Resurrection" the first night, and swopping it for "Martyr" and "Invisible Wounds" the second night. Support came from Janus Stark and Godflesh, but that didn't stop Sugacoma getting onstage to join our boys for "Edgecrusher"! Talk about crazy moshpits and crowd-surfers... wouldn't be surprised if there's a few broken bones and bruises out there, but everyone leaving we saw had a big ol' smile plastered across their face. A highlight of the shows? Hard to say... on Friday the crowd were going for it big style for the whole set... expect a load more photos from the tour up here soon. Kirsten, your words are most appreciated. As for her pictures, we'll let you know when they are up, but in the meantime you can check out one of her pics from the above show HERE. Ta Ta!