This past summer Fear Factory hit the studio in LA and recorded a track called "Frequency". The track was recorded and mixed in two days, and in the gaming tradition of Fear Factory, the purpose for this track was for use in a game that was being developed - also titled Frequency. Well, the time is almost here...come November 20th, a game called Frequency will be put out for Sony PlayStation 2. A game like none other before it - a music mixing game. Though details of the full scope of this game go beyond our description, the basic concept behind this game is that you can re-mix songs by artists as if you are 'the man' in the studio. Fear Factory's "Frequency", which is the title track for this game, is one such song you can break down and build up. Word is there will be 25 songs total for you to be 'the man'. interesting fact: "Frequency" was recorded 4 months after Fear Factory's latest release Digimortal was completed, making this the newest FF track out there... Digimortal in stores now