One thing is for sure - Fear Factory, whose latest offering DIGIMORTAL hit the streets last week, has members that can play. To further cement that, check out the upcoming Bass Player and Guitar World mags. In the May 2001 issue of Bass Player, there is a feature on Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers. Read Christain's story on how he actually became a bassist (ya know, he used to play guitar for metal bands in Europe before becoming Fear Factory's bassist). And then of course, comes the tech talk... In the June 2001 issue of Guitar World, there is a feature on Dino Cazares. Actually, a great piece which gives you the whole Fear Factory story, from beginning to now, and it is presented in such a way that even the most astute Fear Factory student will gain a new perspective of this groundbreaking act. "Let's face it. When it comes to playing live, no one comes even close to us." And yes, Dino backs that up... happy reading.