RE: The two Ill Nino tracks "God Save Us" and "If You Still Hate Me" which are available for download on our site... "Remember when we said the two songs we gave you were final mixes? We lied!" (the first person who can email us the name of the movie from which the above line is based off, will get a full length Ill Nino disc once release date hits. hint: imagine it being said in an Austrian accent...) In English, the above is telling us that the two previous Ill Nino tracks we posted on the Roadrunner site, "God Save Us" and "If You Still Hate Me", have been re-mixed. Have you yet to download them? Do it now. Already did previously? Do it again. See if you can tell la difference! The Revolution has begun...Ill Nino is currently on tour with Spineshank...debut LP Revolution...Revolucion in stores come July 31st.