Pure Potency has arrived and the name is 36 Crazyfists... Remember the following? This was the original 36 Crazyfists' bio, as written by vocalist Brock Lindow, and edited by your's truly. Pretty good shit, huh? Well, the real deal bio is in, hot off the presses, waiting your eyes in 36 Crazyfists' BIO section. Check it out. And check out the old bio which follows (especially the last line, that is the shit) - thou shall never lose thy roots... 36 Crazyfists began in December of 1994, in their hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Being that the whole act grew up in Alaska, all had previously known each other through the club scene, all were members of bands that each used to go see. After playing out the scene in Anchorage, the act packed up and moved onto Portland, where they currently reside, where they are writing tracks for their upcoming Roadrunner release which is tentively titled "Bitterness The Star". Over the past five years 36 Crazyfists have opened and shared the stage with such acts as SYSTEM OF A DOWN, PRIMUS, WILL HAVEN, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SKINLAB, PRO-PAIN, HED{PE}, HATEBREED, NOFX, AGENT ORANGE, BLINK 182 and many others...the list goes on.... Maybe this act is a bit more familiar to you than you think! So how did this act from Alaska end up becomming a Roadrunner act? "We became best friends with SKINLAB and they put our demo into the right hands (Monte Conner), and the rest is happening right now," tells lead singer Brock Lindow. We are also told that 36 Crazyfists are the first band to be signed from ALASKA, with the exception of JEWEL, but of course! That, in a quick ass nutshell brings you to where they are now. What else can be said? Last famous words from Brock, "damn bro' thats about it..we have all lived together in the same house since we started this shit...we're some tight knit motherfuckers...."