Earlier this week Fear Factory's latest offering, an album titled Digimortal, was released. Has a copy made it in your household yet? If not, here are 7 reasons why it should - 7 - "One of hard rock's more intriguing outfits, tech-metallers Fear Factory have always supported their mix of industrial-textured thrash rock with lyrics that question the mix of man and machine with the expertise of a Wired writer." Rest of the review can be found at RollingStone.com 6 - "BAD SONGS: There are none...they are harder than ever." Rest of the review can be found at TripleThreatNews.com 5 - "The first single, "Linchpin", is classic Fear Factory chunky guitars, machine-like drums, and growling mixed with haunting melodic vocals...By the way, if you're in the mood for kicking the crap out of someone, feel free to crank up track 8." Rest of the review can be found at FoundryMusic.com 4 - "At what point will Fear Factory run out of steam and when will the style get stale? The answer is not yet." Rest of the review can be found at BullyMag.com 3 - "I think that old Fear Factory fans will enjoy this album just as much as new fans of the band..." Oh, and "Raymond pounds the hell out of the drums..." Rest of the interview can be found at Nosebleed17.com 2 - "It's more than clear that Digimortal is one of the best heavy records of the year." Rest of the review can be found at M-Emag.com and the #1 reason to get DIGIMORTAL, it is reviewed at Playboy! No quotes from the review, just did not get that far! However, you can find the interview at Playboy.com. Gentlemen, remember - you are there for the review, not the pictures... (thank you, I will be here all the week)