Last night (06/04), Killswitch Engage played their first LA show ever, and due to massive bus troubles in the Hypocrisy and Soilwork camps, KsE ended up headlining the night. The crowd, "a pretty diverse mix," tells Roadrunner's street team leader Ro Kohli. "There were straight up gutter punks with huge spiked mohawks, crazed Mexican death metal heads, the usual crop of metal kids that go to every metal show in LA, as well as a fair amount of scenesters." Outside of fuckin' rockin', vocalist Jesse spent the time between songs recounting his celebrity citings from the day leading up to the show...#1 on the list, Motorhead's Lemmy walking towards the Rainbow during lunchtime... Word from our LA peeps is that KsE's show of metal received a huge reception. Tonight, the band hits Corona, CA. "I'm hoping it's gonna be an off the wall metal blitzkrieg!" exclaims Ro. "The metal heads there are way more insane than the LA variety." Rock. For pictures from last night's show, check out Killswitch Engage's PHOTO GALLERY. Alive Or Just Breathing in stores now