Many a first-time happening this weekend in Des Moines, IOWA. Where to start...ah, yes - Stone Sour (featuring Corey Taylor and Jim Root of Slipknot) and downthesun will be playing their first ever show together (see end of update for show details) fact, it is the first show for either band while on Roadrunner Records. ...this will be Stone Sour's first time playing live under the name Stone Sour in this here the new millennium (first show played under the name Stone Sour since 1997, to be exact)...the band has been practicing for this weekend's show in the basement of Corey's home - back when Stone Sour first formed in 1992, they first used to practice in the basement of Corey's grandmother's house, back when Corey used to work at the Adult Emporium on 14th Street (Corey's first job? Don't know)...Rock... ...for downthesun, this will be the first time a live show of their's will be videotaped (Slipknot's Clown is directing the effort)...that videotape will most likely serve as the first time YOU get to see live footage of the band, as this footage could very well be used as an early video for one of their songs...this will be the first and last time you will ever get the opportunity to buy a certain downthesun t-shirt (the band printed up 84 shirts of a design for this show, one time only, never to be printed again)...Roll... show details: Sunday, June 23rd Toad Hollar 1820 East Army Post Rd. Des Moines IA, 50320 doors at 6:00pm 1st Band at 8:00pm (Index Case and On A Pale Horse also appear) another first: this will be the first time for either band hitting the stage at Toad Hollar - neither has ever played there before. famous parting words: "If you're not there, I feel very, very, sorry for you" - Corey Taylor, 06.21.2002 speaking of is the first day of summer. Enjoy the day. And to all of you who will be at the show come Sunday, enjoy the show.