British music mag Sphere recently caught up with Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 in their "Five Minutes With..." series to learn more about the band's brand new album Women and Children Last.

Writes the magazine, "We thought that it would be a good time to wake Wednesday 13 up at the crack of 1pm at home in the States for an in-depth chat to find out how the new record has allowed the project to evolve and progress in 2010."

Read an excerpt of the chat below, and go here for the full feature. The guys' long-awaited sophomore album Women and Children Last is out now. If you haven't picked up your copy of the high-energy horror-fueled album yet, go RIGHT HERE to pick it up now!

What inspired the dark and haunting opening minute of ‘The World According to Revenge’?

Well, that's a good question. We had the intro in our heads for a long time but it never had any words over it. One day, I woke up and had this idea to put down on record. It was actually one of the only songs which had been recorded in daylight. I eventually came up with the lyrics for it at two in the afternoon and just told the guy we had in to record it and that's what you hear.

So was it you alone that worked on that or was that something you came up with Joey [Jordison, lead guitar] and the rest of the band?

That was all me. Out of my mind in a dark room with no lights on and just laughing, hysterically. It definitely brings some serious vibes to the record and it was the only track recorded in daylight! Everything else was done after midnight 'till vocals were finished at around four-or-five in the morning but that one came to me and I was just like, 'roll it, let's do it'. Because of that, I still remember the day. I think the track really sets a good opening to the record.

Could you tell us about the writing process for, ‘Nowhere’ and what went into that? – for us, this has potential to become the next Murderdolls anti-anthem.

Yeah, that feels like a catchy song and people could look at it and say, 'There’s the radio song'. That was one of the oldest tracks intended for release, right from when we came off of our last tour. I guess we wrote the basis for that song in 2003. None of these songs were complete until we got into the studio to record the new album though. We had beginnings for stuff and Joey had some ideas for what he wanted to do for solos and bits of everything. There was something special about 'Nowhere' though, because the demo lasted until this year. It has got that 'anthem' type of vibe to it and it's not about horror movies or anything like that. It's the 'I’ve been picked on my whole life and nobody’s going to stop me now' track. I suppose you could say that’s our ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ song too. [Laughs]

So were there any other songs which you had demo’s for before coming back together this year?

Everything on the record was pretty much demos that started from 2003 to when we went into the studio this year. Like ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Hello Goodbye Die’ were all from that year. They're just scattered all over the place. Then you have ‘Drug Me To Hell’ which was probably written in the last six months prior to going into the studio. There are lots of different types of sound from the years and had we've time to grow with the songs I guess.