So, what's the latest word on Dislocated Styles? Well, the highly acclaimed Kerrang! has taken a listen to their Pin The Tail On The Honkey debut...four out of five K's they gave this beast. Not too shabby, eh? Read On: "PIN THE TAIL ON THE HONKEY" 4/5 Review in Kerrang! "You're really embarrassed by 'Crazy Town', but you really like 'Toxic', right? Help is at hand. Dislocated Styles do the hip-hop metal thing with such delirious ease that your backbone will turn to jelly and you'll be wandering round in a daze for a week muttering "Shifty who?" 'Liquified', 'Online virus' and 'Unified' are just three immediately likeable highlights incorporating beat-box beats, 'phat' funky basslines, rocking guitars and magnificent hooks courtesy of frontman Brandon Lawson. 'Reckoning' sees the band in full on rock mode, and 'Posessed by Demons' gets its kicks from from a tribal street chant that'll assume squatting rights in your brain. This terrifically talented mob can mix, match and crossover while keeping their music as sweet as chocolate. May as well lay down your preconceptions and enjoy." Dislocated Styles' Pin The Tail On The Honkey in stores now