Come join us in the world on Nickelback... As you know, Nickelback has finished the recording of their upcoming LP titled Silver Side Up. After speaking with Chief today, the band's road manager extraordinaire ('extraordinaire' because he is much more than the road manager), we are told that only four songs are left to mix. 12 songs have been recorded in total (13 including an acoustic version of one of the tracks). All mixing should be completed come Friday (06/29). In other Nickelback news, the band were recently put on film this past weekend, meaning the photoshoot for their upcoming release happened. Word is that the shoot went great. We should have some pics to show you in the upcoming weeks. The European tour which was hinted about in a news posting a couple weeks ago has now been confirmed. Nickelback will be playing dates in Europe starting 08/14 thru 08/25. They will be playing with Three Doors Down and playing some festival shows too. See TOUR section for full details. Plans for when they come back to the U.S. after Europe are not yet confirmed. And last, most likely sometime during the first week in July, the band will be shooting a video for the first single off Silver Side Up titled "How You Remind Me"...more details to follow... (all the above is the word of on the lookout for 'Chiefs Corner - updates about Nickelback' as told by Chief) Silver Side Up is currently slated for a 09/25 release.