We will be doing some changes to the FREE SHIT section of the site, all due to suggestions sent in from YOU! Folks, let's face it, some of your ideas just make sense. In the meantime, read the following - Sign Of A Nation contest - this was the contest wherein we were giving away 19 (remember? someone gypped us on the full count of 20) autographed Sepultura NATION posters. The answer to the contest (based on the Sep Ecard) was A NATION, A STRUGGLE, A WEAPON, OUR MUSIC. Most all cats participating got the answer correct. Surprised? Anyway the following people can expect a poster in the mail (along with some Fear Factory DIGIMORTAL stickers) - Stephen, Jonathan M, Jon V, Scott O, Myke B, Karol G, Said S, Jorli S, Ryan R, Sharif M, Keith J, Wade B, Tony G, Troy R, Russ M, Barrett H, Adam W, Marco, and Marc C. The posters were sent out today (04/05). DIGIMORTAL INTERACTIVE giveaway - for this, 1,000 copies of an enhanced Fear Factory DIGIMORTAL cd sampler were to be given away. Well, we ended up getting an extra 500 for ya, so 1500 will be sent out in total. No, I will not list the names, but they will all be sent out come Monday (04/09). Keep your eye out. WE SOLD OUR SOUL FOR ROCK 'N' ROLL contest - for this, 20 Roadrunner Ozzfest 1999 cd samplers were to be given away. Actually, it ended up being 21, an extra one was found that Nelson was hording. You needed to answer who came up with the artwork idea for this sampler. And the answer? Why our very own Bob Johnsen. Once again, most all got the answer correct! Smart...Smart... The following 21 names were picked for this - Tyler R, Phil P, Jamey D, Mariano V, Jeremy A, Evan B, Danny H, Dan D, Jason G, Vinny F, Logan C, Chris M, Angela S, Philip E, Steve E (the first cat to sign up), Ki C, Jimmy S, Joseph T, Howard C, Chris M, and good ole J.D. P. Much like the Sep posters, these were also sent out today (04/05). Keep an eye out on the mailman. Oh, and you cats will also be getting some Fear Factory DIGIMORTAL stickers too. Thanks to all who entered. Keep doing so, your time will come...Check out the FREE SHIT section now, we are giving up some European ONLY released Sepultura NATION digi-paks. And last but not least, will some of you peeps start sending in your pics with your winnings? We want your mug up in the FREE SECTION of our site. C'mon now!