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Metal 101 class is in session! Prepare to get schooled with sharp points and huge riffs as Skull Sessions Episode #7 runs you through a crash course in brain surgery (i.e. the recording industry). Host Bob Nalbandian is joined by Robert Bolger, director of the upcoming documentary film "Behind the Suit and Tie" and David Ellefson, current bassist for F5, Temple Of Brutality, Iron Steel and formerly of Megadeth. The three have a profound, in-depth discussion regarding the current state of the recording industry. From analysis of the future of the business as it pertains to the artist, the record label, and the fan to the pros and cons of downloadable music, you'll be impaled with an education you can't forget.

David Ellefson
David Ellefson is currently out on the road with F5 as a part of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp along with Extreme and King's X and preparing for the release of the upcoming F5 record entitled The Reckoning due out on August 19, 2008. Contact: www.DavidEllefson.com

Behind the Suit and Tie
Robert Bolger is currently shopping for distribution for his upcoming documentary film that takes you inside the metal music industry entitled Behind the Suit and Tie. Contact: www.Behindthesuitandtie.com