Note, we are going to try something new on this site, something we will title Friday Night Videos. Looking through the years of music that Roadrunner has created, there are many videos that most of you have probably never seen, me included...Classics such as "Punishment" from Biohazard, "Handouts" from Black Train Jack, "Suffer" from Vision Of Disorder...actually the list goes on and on...and of course, new videos too! So, look out, starting next Friday (02/09), we will be airing a new video to the site, and will keep doing so bi-weekly until all videos are up. With that in mind, here is some video news on current projects: Fear Factory - As stated before, they are doing a video for the first single from their upcoming DIGIMORTAL release. The video is for the 1st single titled "Linchpin". All band footage for the video has been shot, and it is now currently in the producer's hand. We are looking to have the video in house come the end of February. Sepultura - the band should be doing a new video for their upcoming release NATION release. Most likely, it will be for the song "Sepulnation". Though not set in stone, look for it around the same time as the release of their new album. Spineshank - Also be on the lookout for possibly another video from Spineshank. No, nothing has been set, but it looks as if there will be a video done for the track "New Disease" off of The Height Of Callousness. In the meantime, check out their video for "Synthetic", currently featured in the VIDEO section.