We are not even sure how to introduce you guys to this band, so we'll start with the name - Karma To Burn. Next, we'll move onto a quote said by a fellow employee here once a couple years back, "by far, the most rocking band ever on Roadrunner." He refers to their wicked groove, guitar driven style of rock. Ever hear of them? After your travels amongst our site today, you will have... They are noted for incredible rocking songs, song titles that are numbers instead of names, songs that have no words...basically sex, drugs, & rock n' roll... Hailing from West Virginia, we bring you Karma To Burn, a group that was on Roadrunner here in the US in the late 90's. And yes, the group is still around today, groups that rock this hard just don't go away... We'll give you more history on them as time goes by, but for now we'll just leave you with some music & video, and some bare bones info on them that can be found on their newly created ARTIST page here on the site. Oh, a couple last quotes. Our very own new media cat here, Carl, saw these guys play last weekend. Carl's band Nora was playing at HESSFEST 2 in Cleveland at the Agora. Karma To Burn, along with Clutch, Converge, Boulder, and others, was also on the bill. Carl's thought's after seeing them for the first time? "It's mad rock n roll"..."Their guitar sounded big as fuck"..."Basically, anyone that had a beer in their hand was all over these guys"... Honestly, don't think anyone could have put it any better. Welcome to Karma To Burn. For video, check out our VIDEO section. For more tracks and info on the band, check out their ARTIST page.