A first for RoadrunnerRecords.com - 2 months back on 11.15.2001, Ill Nino played at The Limelight in New York City, and we rolled film. Actually, BK rolled film - shot live footage of the band and crowd during the show, b-roll footage of the band backstage, and even a bit of an interview with the band in the bus. Beers were had, all were loose, everything the real deal. Well, the footage has been edited down to a 4 minute piece, a piece where you will really get to know the personalities of Ill Nino. Check it out, and enjoy. Special thanks once again to BK for shooting and editing this piece. Check out our VIDEO section for this special Ill Nino feature. random fact - The Limelight, where this show was shot, is but 2 blocks away from the Roadrunner New York office. It's true.