Soulfly just got back home from tour in Europe, and boy are their arms tired... Earlier this week, Soulfly returned home from a string of festival and headline tour dates in Europe. Bassist Marcello Rapp, via phone back home in San Francisco, describes the experience as follows - "attitude, awesome, aggressive, sweaty, kick-ass." Next up, a U.S. tour with Slayer which starts on August 3rd (see TOUR section for details). Now, before any of this touring business started, Soulfly shot a video. Remember? Ahhh, yeah...well, finally have it up online for you to see. But first, a couple words on this piece. This video, for the track "Seek N Strike," was shot out in the desert plains of Arizona back on June 1st. More specifically, the video was shot on the area surrounding the Cavalera ranch. True. The day, HOT. "It was a hot day, that day. Thing I remember most was it being 110, 115 degrees that day," recalls Marcello about the shoot. "Literally boiled our brains shooting this video." But, it was all worth it. "Grateful to see the results...very pleased with the results," concludes Marcello. Check it out for yourself, a Quicktime stream of "Seek N Strike" can be found in our VIDEO section. (the video can also be seen on MTV's EXTREME SHOW) Soulfly 3 in stores now...U.S. Tour with Slayer starts August 3rd