First and foremost, welcome to this week's installment of Friday Night Videos... This weekend marks the end of summer, so what better way to ring in the weekend than with a video which represents pretty much everything we think of when we think of summer - well, maybe not everything...BUT, this video does feature a truck, a hot chick, a muscle car, cruising, and rock-n-roll. Shoot in the streets of Vancouver back on July 10th, check out our VIDEO section for Theory's debut video, "Nothing Could Come Between Us." In other Theory Of A Deadman news, the band is hitting the road for the first time starting September 1st, in support of Nickelback. Music for the trip? Fresh from the cd store, Tyler will be bringing along the new Queens Of The Stone Age, a little Joe Satriani, and a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Skynyrd? Indeed. In fact, one of the things Tyler is looking forward to most on this initial tour is a show on 09/27 in Huntsville, Alabama. At said show - the Big Spring Jam - Skynyrd will be playing. True. What else about the road? Advice for the first time out is ALWAYS a good thing. What has Tyler been hearing from the more experienced travelers? "Same old shit," Tyler relays. "Ya can't shit on the bus...gotta hold it or hot bag've heard of that." Tyler, whether we have or have not, don't think we'll be going into detail on what a 'hot bag' is just yet...all the best. see TOUR section for all upcoming Theory tour dates And last, a bit of a tasteless random fact. As follows: A couple weeks back, the band was out in LA (first time in LA, no less) doing some press for their upcoming debut. They all went out drinking one night, and one member of the band (to remain nameless), got back early in the morning from the night out. Well, it just so happens that while driving around the next day, unsaid member projectile puked all over the back of Mr. Rob Weldon (Roadrunner Records). Sorry Rob...but you do have to admit, it is kind of funny... Rock. Theory Of A Deadman self titled debut in stores September 17th