This bi-weekly installment of Friday Night Videos brings you the video for Machine Head's "Davidian". Circa 1994, "Davidian" was the lead track off Machine Head's debut LP titled Burn My Eyes. Did you even know there was a video for this track? "A classic Roadrunner video," screams Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner. "Dude, Machine Head "Davidian"? Are you serious? You gotta get that up on the web," exclaims a band member from one of our recent signings. "The most innovative piece I've seen in years," raves the Herald Times (though it could be true, I made up that quote) "Move over George Clooney, Rob Flynn is taking over," warns The Post (again, could be true, but I made up that quote too)! Hot on the heels of the 02/21 news posting about the Machine Head Web video currently being made (expect it come the end of the month), I give you Machine Head, "Davidian". Sit back, click HERE (VIDEO Section), and enjoy. Until next time... (Machine Head hit will be hitting the studio shortly to start recording their upcoming Supercharger LP.