Yes, we have been talking about getting this video up for quite sometime, well here it is - Glassjaw's video for "Siberian Kiss". If not mistaken, this is the only place you can see it right now. A couple words on the video - This video was culled from a series of shows around the New York/New Jersey area on Glassjaw's Fall tour with power metal leviathans, Shadows Fall. It was done on less than a shoestring by the band's pal, Steve Pedulla: geetartist with NJ weepy-core heroes, Thursday. It shows you what fifty bucks, a couple of falaffel sandwiches and a whole buncha gumption will get you. Apparently, it's rivalling N'Sync and Ol' Dirty Bastard for MTV play in Europe. Without further waiting - check out the VIDEO section of this site now!