No real reason to write this whatsoever, but there is one line in the following that is hilarious ("moose cock"), something you just don't hear everyday. Anyway, the following was taken from an interview which Vision Of Disorder guitarist Matt Baumbach recently did with the web zine Lords Of Metal. Matt's words are in response to a question asked about VOD's relationship with new label TVT Records. Consider this to be an excerpt from The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Files: Matt Baumbach - "Things are going horribly with TVT. At first they seemed to really dig the band, but now their sucking pretty hard on some moose cock. Its funny normally getting a label to spend money is the problem, but they gave us shitloads and then when they had to do the easy part, and just put the record on shelves, they couldn't do it. They fucked up the shipping, marketing, tour support, radio play, and video play of the record, not to mention countless opportunities to tour with really good bands. Lazy is not the right word as inane is." you can read the full interview HERE.