Remember last week when we told of the doubleDrive appearance on radio station WAAF? Sure ya was the update that mentioned Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., two hours of doubleDrive on WAAF with Mistress Carrie, and even our very own Phil Kaso's double cheeseburger situation. Well, doubleDrive played three songs acoustically in the studio that day, and all three have been posted online. Check out THIS LINK at WAAF's site to hear "Big Shove," "Imprint," and "Freightrain." Enjoy. oh, and if you hunt around a bit further on the WAAF site, you'll find an audio link to some of the interview footage wherein a bit of the 'ryche is sung (click here) OH, AND THERE IS MORE - SEE DOUBLEDRIVE LIVE FOR YOURSELF. Come and meet the band and see them perform acoustically. when: APRIL 30, 5PM where: CAT'S MUSIC - 5659 Brainerd Rd - Chattanooga,TN then catch them later that night with Seether & Trapt @ The Bay. You can also hear the band on WRXR at 3pm that day.