Three points of interest on this story, three things for which you can look forward to in the near future (if in fact you are interested in what you are reading): 1. Tracks From Digital Connectivity - remember us mentioning the 8 exclusive audio tracks that will be on the upcoming Fear Factory dvd Digital Connectivity? If you don't, read THIS past FF story. Anyway, in the works right now is a cd pro of these 8 tracks, purpose of which is to be shipped to radio. Yes, radio only. However, the good graces of Marketing Matt tells us we can expect a few to give away on the website, probably about 10. And the name of this cd pro? Why it is simply called Tracks From Digital Connectivity. Wow, hours must have went into that name. Marketing Matt explains "it's promo only, didn't need to be that creative." He further explains "promo is just getting it out there. Marketing is the act of being creative." You learn something new every day... these promo cd's should be in house come 11/20. 2. The God Hates The World Tour Sampler - but of course, we could not go a day without mentioning the blessed event that is Chimaira on tour with Slayer, who are soon to be joined by American Head Charge. To commemorate this tour, we are putting together a cd sampler called The God Hates The World Tour Sampler. It will feature 2 songs from each of the 3 bands on the tour. There will only be 3 places wherein you can get this disc: 1 - here on the Roadrunner site in our FREE SHIT section (by the good graces of Marketing Matt, we will be giving away 500), 2 - on the net at, or 3 - at the actual God Hates The World shows. Only 10,000 pieces of this cd sampler will be made. As Road Crew leader Ro tells, "when they're gone, they're gone. This is probably the most limited thing we've ever done." samplers should be in house and at the shows come 11/13. 3. Slipknot Halloween Pics - just a note to let you know we will be throwing up some live Slipknot photos from their Halloween show in soon as tomorrow (11/01). Would've been up today, BUT there is a story about getting ripped off for a camera that goes along with this somewhere...we won't bore you with the details. by the way, if you haven't figured it out yet, the "MM" in the title of this story stands for "Marketing Matt"...but of course!