For those of you game afficionados out there, this update is for you - Where to hear Roadrunner Records music amongst your gaming travels. Some recent games holding Roadrunner music in its levels (i.e. when you play, you will hear): Electronic Arts- MVP Baseball 2004 To My Surprise - "Get It To Go" Sony Playstation-MLB Major League Baseball 2005 Nickelback - "Flat On The Floor" Rallysport Challenge 2002 Ill Nino - "Rhumba" and "If You Still Hate Me" Interplay - Brotherhood Of Steel Slipknot - "Heretic Anthem" and "People=Shit" Chimaira -"The Dehumanizing Process," "Stigmurder," and "Pure Hatred" Killswitch Engage - "My Last Serenade" and "Temple From The Within" _____________________________________________ And, if you care to dig further, one year ago at this time, new games out in Feb 2003 that contained RR music at that time, as follows: "PRIDE" (By THQ). "Pride" is an actual style of fighting done in Japan, kind of like Ultimate fighting. 36 Crazyfists - "Chalk White" Five Pointe 0 - "Breathe Machine" "SKATE"(By Konami). Skateboarding game. Ill Nino - "Unreal" "EVOLUTION SNOWBOARDING" (Konami). Slipknot - "Spit it Out" Murderdolls - "Dead in Hollywood" Chimaira - "Let Go" Stone Sour - "Get Inside" 36 Crazyfists - "One More Word" Five Pointe O - "Breathe Machine"