It's no secret in the metal community that Fear Factory has developed solid roots in the gaming community. We present exhibit A -, Fear Factory drummer Raymond's gaming site (though, as of a few minutes ago, the beast was down). Exhibit B - Fear Factory has written songs in the past for the purpose of video games. Example, "Demolition Racer". Exhibit C - most recently, Fear Factory wrote and recorded a song for the new Sony PlayStation 2 game called FREQUENCY. The title of the track is indeed "Frequency". Exhibit D - Raymond's recent interview with Alternative Press. All about gaming, especially the Frequency game. Read it for yourself HERE. Onward and upward - all of these 'gaming' songs we spoke about above are on the Digital Connectivity dvd, and can be downloaded in our MUSIC section. Check them out. Also, check out our FREE SHIT section for a chance to win FREQUENCY.