So much talk about the upcoming film Resident Evil has been going on up on this website, and its soundtrack too, which features new Coal Chamber music, a heavier hitting remix of Ill Nino's "What Comes Around", the latest from Slipknot camp, plus a slew of other new tracks, many of which have yet to be released. The soundtrack hits stores March 12th, with the movie hitting theaters three days later on March 15th. Soon enough we'll have an interview here on the site with the writer/director of the film, Paul Anderson, wherein he goes into a bit more detail on different aspects of the movie (answering YOUR questions as taken from our Message Board). Now, it is no secret that this movie is indeed based off the game Resident Evil. Let's see...when thinking of games, who better to turn to than Roadrunner's resident gamer, Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera. In a piece that is going to come to the site shortly, Raymond will be giving a couple gaming tips on his Resident Evil game of choice...of course, this may not answer your full RE gaming questions. That being said, we are going to give Raymond a handful of your questions to answer. Got a gaming question? Drop us an email at [email protected], and make sure you title the email "FF gaming". Oh, and did you know? Fear Factory's "Invisible Wounds" (The Suture Mix) will be on the Resident Evil Soundtrack. Make sure to check out our Resident Evil SOUNDTRACK PAGE...and keep checking it, as doings here over the next month will fill it up more than a sumo wrestler at Sonny's BBQ Pit on All U Can Eat Rib Tips night.