What was it like to play with 3/4 of DevilDriver at 15? Which multi-platinum selling guitarist influenced Jeff's playing? What set up is he sporting on tour?

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RR: So was the guitar the first instrument you were able to play?

JK: Kind of. I got a play guitar when I was little. I don’t know if my mum or my dad brought it for me for Christmas.  My parents played piano extensively and that was the first thing I tried to learn and I didn’t really gravitate towards it.  My sister took piano lessons and I played ice hockey [Laughs] so that’s kind of what happened, but I guess the guitar is the first instrument that I really took seriously. I mean I dabbled a little bit on piano but nothing compared to guitar.

RR: So did you take lessons?

JK: Yeah I did- I was in a jazz band in high school- but I’m mostly self-taught.

RR: So how old were you got your first guitar and you started to take lessons?

JK: 13. So 17 years ago.

RR: So when you were sat at home and practicing in between lessons, what kind of bands were driving you to learn; who were you trying to emulate?

JK: Metallica! That’s where it all started and then I just went to all the other great metal bands, but it started with Metallica.  Jon Miller and I learned together, so when we both heard that, ‘cause we heard it together, that was it, that was our start.

RR: Where did Metallica lead you to musically; what other bands did you then start checking out?

JK: Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Machine Head then I went on to like The Edge from U2 and Robin Trower and then obviously Dimebag, Slash and Zakk Wylde…all those guys.

RR: Do you think being in a jazz band influenced your style of playing at all?

JK: Yeah, it did for sure, ‘cause I was really bad at it! I was playing with this kid for the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra- he was the youngest member ever and he played piano and the trumpet and he was fantastic- and he hated me ‘cause I wasn’t very good but he helped me get better ‘cause he had to play in the band with me, so in that way it definitely helped a lot!

RR: Tell us a little bit about your first bands- who did you put them together with and the stuff you were playing when you were younger.

JK: Okay, well John Boecklin, Jon Miller and myself [fellow DevilDriver band mates] all played in a band where we grew up in Massachusetts and we basically played our first show at my high school which consisted of Six Feet Under, Sepultura and Slayer covers.  I went to a private school where all the kids listened to Dave Matthews Band and wore Abercrombie and Fitch so that was out first gig…[laughs]

RR: So that went down like a lead balloon…

JK: Yes! I had like cut-off camel shorts, big shit-kicking boots and a Suffocation shirt.  [laughs]  But yeah, that was our first gig, but we all did it together.

RR: And how old were you all?

JK: I think like fifteen. It was pretty god-awful! But we loved it! [Laughs]

RR: When did you start writing and jamming your own tunes?

JK: Right away.  We would learn songs and then we just kind of try to write a riff and stuff like that, so right off the bat. But it was when we got into high school that we started to take it really seriously- probably around seventeen or eighteen- and we’d write stuff all the time.

RR: So what was the first band that you had when you were playing your own material and what did it sound like?

JK: We were in this band called Grolby. Mike was in the band, I was in the band, John Boecklin was in the band, Jon Miller was in the band and we had a different singer, and we all played in California; in Santa Barbara circa 2000 or in ’99, 2001 and it was a lot lighter than DevilDriver- it was way more progressive.  So that was our first "real" band and one by one ultimately we ended up joining DevilDriver and here we are now!

RR: Do you have any endorsements?

JK: Yes, we have a lot. ESP Guitars, Guitar-cable.com… working with some Blackstar stuff right now, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Electrovoice, Intune, TC Electronics, Maxon, Furman... I think I got everyone!

RR: So what’s your set up tonight on stage

JK: I’m playing Blackstar 200, one amp with KT 88’s. I’m using them on this tour and they sound great, I’m using TC Electronics G-System, EV Wireless, Furman Power Conditioner, Zakk Wylde Overdrive and Boss Tuner but the TC Electronics system is like a switcher router effects thing- like a Bradshaw system.  It works great it makes things very simple ‘cause it can do so much.

RR: What is it that you like in particular about the guitars that you use?

JK: They're built really well. The one I play in particular is custom made so it’s the way I want it designed and I love playing it 'cause I’m used to it too.  I’ve been playing it for years and its set up well and it’s a metal guitar and it’s the right guitar for the job. All the ESP stuff is great, I’m very happy with it.

RR: How does it feel to have a company go "Yeah we’ll make a guitar to your specifications?"

JK: Amazing! It’s a dream come true! It’s cool because when I was young I was, I look at Metallica and was like "What does James Hetfield play? … Oh an ESP”…and now I have my own with my fucking signature on it so…go figure! I’m pretty stoked. It’s a dream come true! ... And then if your obsessed with it like I was, you just learn everything about ya know...like “I’m obsessed with Metallica, what do they play? I gotta play that!”

RR: So somewhere, a kid is looking up to you going “I wanna play that one day!”

JK: That’s how it works and that’s the awesome thing about this whole thing; just the artistic element of it, ‘cause it is art and that’s how we make our living…luckily! Everyone wants to be a paid artist but there’s a certain thing that comes along with it; when you hand things down generations.  I’m hopefully gonna influence a kid or more than one kid to do something with guitar or music that I would never have done if I never had the opportunity to do this, just like someone else did for me or many people did for me, ya know?