Though we are aware many of you have heard of them before, how much do you really know about Roadrunner's latest signing, Killswitch Engage? Huh? We thought so... Well, since we don't have much new in the way of news to say since their signing, we present to you the following 4 'fun' facts about Killswitch Engage: 1-Bassist Mike D'Antonio's previous band, Overcast, is responsible for setting the stage for today's metalcore movement, inspiring the likes of God Forbid and Lamb of God. Overcast's singer, Brian Fair is now the dreadlocked throat of Massachussetts metallists, Shadows Fall. 2-Singer Jesse Leach has a sizeable acting role in the fim, "Outside Providence" which was written by "Something About Mary" directors, the Farrelly Brothers. His character is perpetually stoned throughout the movie. 3-Drummer Adam D. runs recording sessions at Zing Studios in Easthampton, MA. He recently produced records by Unearth, Everytime I Die and Autumn To Ashes. 4-Killswitch Engage really does practice in guitarist Joel Stroezel's bedroom. thanks go to the man that signed the band, Mike 'Metal Mike' Gitter, for the above info. Keep an eye out for future contests based on future facts. In the meantime, learn more about them on their Artist Page.