It has been a long time coming, too long - for what could very well be the first time since being signed to Roadrunner, 36 Crazyfists will be playing some shows out East. No, not new news, but the fact the dates are getting closer means the world. Yesterday (11/27), the band and a couple crew shoved off from Portland, and as this is being written they are making the drive cross country. It's getting very close. First stop is Cleveland, for a show on the first of December. Come next Tuesday (12/05), they will be playing at the legendary CBGB's in the bowels of the Bowery in the East Village of NYC. Very close indeed. Whilst in NY, before heading back to Portland the band will travel upstate to finish the mixing of their upcoming debut, Bitterness The Star. Check out their TOUR section for full details...and get your ass to a show if possible. If you can't, make sure to check out MUSIC section, the latest download in particular, "Turns To Ashes".