O.K., let's first start off by saying you didn't really think we'd go a full day without mentioning the blessed event that is Chimaira on tour with Slayer??? Did ya??? Now that we have dispensed with the formalities, onto business. This blessed event has just added three more dates. They are as follows: 12/3 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Theatre 12/9 - Fresno, CA - Rainbow Ballroom 12/10 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues Last night (10/29) marked opening night of the God Hates The World tour, featuring Slayer (yes, we know) and Chimaira (American Head Charge will be joining the bill come 11/02). Opening night took place in New Orleans at the House Of Blues. How was it? No report back on how opening night went as of yet, but if you were there, please do drop us a line. Speaking with Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter yesterday (10/29) before the show, he confessed he'd be sore from "headbanging to Slayer" afterwards. Chimaira hit New Orleans at 6:00am. Being their first time in town, Mark and Andols wandered the streets for a while - noticing bars packed in the early afternoon, searching for the studio where Trent Reznor once recorded, looking in shock at this great town. "Definitely a place to check out," tells Mark. boys, you're not in Cleveland anymore... By the time this conversation was taking place, Chimaira was already at the House Of Blues, well in advance of the show. Mark went into a story about their trip to New Orleans. And of course, it had to deal with the cursed RV they travel in. It all started on Saturday, back in Cleveland. They hooked the equipment trailer to the back of the RV and noticed the frame that holds the hitch on the RV is cracked. Not good news. Basically, this means that the hitch wouldn't be able to withstand holding the trailer filled with equipment. Turns out the cats they rent the RV from are in Minnesota. The RV company agreed to meet the band halfway to exchange the RV with another...halfway being Iowa...hardly on the way to New Orleans from Cleveland. But, you gotta do what you gotta do... Chimaira rented a Ryder truck for their equipment, and used the RV with the cracked hitch to pull the empty trailer - rigging it with a chain harness so that when the hitch completely broke, the trailer wouldn't go its separate way. Smart...smart. They reached Iowa at 4:00am, exchanged RV's, ditched the Ryder truck, and drove straight to New Orleans. "No vehicle ever runs smoothly for us." Ahhh, the glamours of the road... Onward and upward. Chimaira is now one date into the blessed event that is touring with Slayer. Surely things will go as planned now. Make sure to catch the God Hates The World tour in your town. keep checking back for more updates from the road... debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now