Coal Chamber's new album, Giving The Devil His Due, isn't new at all. In fact, some of the over 20 tracks that make up this album were recorded over 5 years ago. . . and that is what makes this album so special. Not a traditional "B-sides" album, Giving The Devil His Due is instead a collection of songs that traces the sonic growth and breadth of that band of gothic metalmongers that we affectionately call Coal Chamber. Full of remixes (many of them far superior to the originals), demos (dating back from BEFORE the band was even signed), soundtrack recordings AND ONE ALL NEW SONG, "Headstones and the Walking Dead," this album is a must-have for anyone who has every moshed to the thunderous clamor of "Loco," gone into overdrive for "Big Truck," or well, swayed, to the rocking groove of "Sway." Over 20 tracks, more than 70 minutes of music and liner notes from the guy that signed them - Giving The Devil His Due gives fans of Coal Chamber everything they were due and more. Track listing for this July 29th release is as follows: 1. Headstones And The Walking Dead 2. Big Truck (Hand-On-Wheel Mix) 3. Pig (Original Version) 4. Bradley (Going Postal Mix) 5. Sway (Hypno-Submissive Mix) 6. Not Living (Original Version) 7. Blisters 8. El Cu Cuy (Man-To-Monster Mix) 9. Wishes 10. Apparition 11. Shock The Monkey (Gorilla Mix) 12. Anxiety 13. Save Yourself 14. One Step (Chop Shop Mix) 15. Big Truck (Live) Demos (1994 - 1995): 16. I (3:36) 17. Oddity (4:03) 18. Sway (3:29) 19. Unspoiled (3:36) 20. Loco (3:37) 21. Babbit (2:56)