Speaking to Mr. Justin Beck of the hot rock combo, Glassjaw on the current state of Glassjaw life following their recent tour with old pals A New Found Glory. "We're writing, writing, writing and doing some more writing for our new record. Doing demos too. We've got parts for maybe 18 songs now. In the past week, we've really hit our stride. It's kind of like the end of the semester when you've slacked off and you finally have to get that report in!" So, tell us about the new songs? "Typical Glassjaw bullshit. Strung out acoustic jam-relaxed- codeine songs to total all-out war! There's a lot of us finding ourselves going on. On the last record there was a lot of influence from Todd and my last band, Sons of Abraham. The material we're writing now is very, very much Glassjaw - whatever that means. "We met with Ross Robinson last week while he was in town mastering Slipknot. It was great to see him. We're looking forward to getting more chairs thrown at us in the studio this time!" New song titles include: "El Mark" and "Must Have Run All Day". Glassjaw are looking to hit the studio with Ross Robinson in the producer's chair in the next few months.