Do you remember a news posting about a month ago containing a Q & A session with Deicide's Glen Benton? Well, check it out if you missed it...for those of you who are already on the same page as us, read on...we are bringing you a 2nd Glen Benton Q & A installment, as brought to us by (Germany). Yes, Glen is pulling out all the stops for the promotion of Deicide's upcoming In Torment In Hell release. Warning, if you are easily offended, read no further...and perhaps the questions just fed fuel for the answers... - Who are the guys in the band - different characters? Glen Benton - Glen, Eric, Brian, Steve - Your favorite bands / musicians? Glen Benton - Guy Lombardo, Floyd Kramer, Laurence Welk - What kinda music do u really hate? Glen Benton - Wigger Rap - Which records would u take to a lonely isle here u only have a cd player? Glen Benton - Piss on you - What else would u need? Glen Benton - My Ho - Funniest tour experience? Glen Benton - Shittin' across Europe - Worst or most embarassing situations? Glen Benton - Getting caught shittin' across Europe - Best concert u have ever seen? Glen Benton - Elvis live in Hawaii - Nicest holiday? Glen Benton - The eve of the hallow - Happy about... Glen Benton - Nothing - Disappointed about... - This interview - Where did u grow up? Glen Benton - In a house - Favorite food? Glen Benton - Shit sandwiches - Can u cook? Glen Benton - Yes I have a fart steamin' in the pot right now - Your idols, influences? Glen Benton - No idol worship here. - How was school? Glen Benton - Misery - Still have normal jobs? Glen Benton - No - Most important things in life? Glen Benton - My Ho, My Kid's, And Killer weed... - Would u be a good polititian? Glen Benton - Sure - Any bad habits? Glen Benton - Yea - Do u believe in god? Glen Benton - No - In what else do u believe? Glen Benton - Me - Last statement? Glen Benton - KILL GOD