Once again, ya didn't really think we'd go a day without mentioning the blessed event that is Chimaira touring with Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist), did ya? Of course not. So, what new news do we have to report? Not much, but we will remind you that the God Hates The World Tour starts October 29th in New Orleans. For you cats in The Big Easy, you are the chosen for the first blessing. Oh, and remember that Chimaira player we were pimping earlier on the site? Check it out now - www.RoadrunnerRecords.com/GodHatesTheWorld. This is your first test... Before this tour gets started, we remind you that the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour still has four dates left...tonight's show (10/19) being in McAllen, (don't mess with) Texas. Remember what we said about that town in the previous Chimaira news posting? We'll have a full update on the show come Monday (10/22). A message to Chimaira - if you are reading this, know you will be shaken down for a run down of tonight then. Until then...a toast! To the last days of Road Rage... Chimaira debut Pass Out Of Existence in stores now