A moment of silence please... The blessed event which is Chimaira on the road with Slayer for the God Hates The World Tour is in full swing. Six dates have been played thus far, and the next show is on Wednesday (11/07). Chimaira is currently still in Norfolk, VA - the scene of the crime for last night's (11/04) show. They will be hanging in town for another couple nights in order to catch System Of A Down's show on Tuesday (System were at The God Hates The World concert last night). Come Wednesday, tis back on the road and back to business...business being the tour, and touring is good - Chimaira emphatically tell "the shows have been amazing", and can't say enough good about Slayer. Speaking of the tour, a new date has been added. A date which will most likely be the last date on the tour. It is as follows: 12/11 - Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theatre note I - Slayer headline (but of course), American Head Charge also appear note II - we are singling out all you Jersey folk in the crowd. A REMINDER - Chimaira will be headlining a 'one off' date from this tour one week from tonight on Monday (11/12) at Club Krome in South Amboy, NJ. Go. debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now