Direct from the mouth of New York sales cat Lou, here's a tip for you all going to see Chimaira tonight (11/16) in NYC: "Get There Early". The doors at the venue, Roseland Ballroom, open at 6:45pm. Chimaira hit the stage at 7:30pm sharp. Another tip for you: Stay Late. You know why...Slayer. Oh, and bring your Chimaira banner for a chance to hang out backstage (see FREE SHIT section for full details). One last bit of trivia for ya. We can tell you who WON'T be at the show tonight, our very own Raynger. Why? Well, as it turns out, last time he saw Slayer (about 2 years ago in Chile, yes Chile), his car got trashed. See, there were loads of angry fans who could not get into the show because it was already packed. So, they grabbed rocks and started throwing them at all the police cars. And, the Raynger just happened to be parked right next to all the cop cars. The irony of it is that his buddy told him to park there, "dude, this is perfect. There is no safer place to park than next to the cop cars," the Raynger was told. Well, with all the windows smashed in and the car battered, we suggest all of you think twice before parking next to the cops at a show. By the way, driving to work the next day in the beaten car, the lady at the parking garage looked at the Raynger in horror, not believing what she was seeing. He simply smiled, clenched his fists, and yelled "ROCK N ROLL"! It's true. Enjoy the show. debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now