Igor and Derrick from Sepultura will be headed to Australia come February for interviews and such in preparation of the release of their new LP NATION. We'll let you know the exact date, but sometime in mid-February whilst in Australia, Igor and Derrick will be doing a webchat hosted by www.metalshop.com.au. In the meantime, get yourself acquainted with their site, great shit it is! Also, while Sepultura are in Australia promoting the release of their new album, they will be taking time out to drop by www.rollingstoneweb.com.au, the Australian Rolling Stone site, on Tuesday, Feb 13th at 6 pm AEDST (you do the math in U.S. equivalency) to answer all your questions. Start getting your questions ready. A month later, sometime in March, Dino and Raymond from Fear Factory will be headed to Australia to promote their upcoming LP DIGIMORTAL. We'll let you know more details as we get them.