Joe Duplantier of Gojira gave an extended interview to Radio Metal in France while the band was on tour there at the end of 2012; an English translation has just been posted, so you can check it out now! He's a really thoughtful guy who approaches the world in a clear-eyed fashion, and this whole interview is well worth reading.

Says Joe, regarding the music on their latest album, L'Enfant Sauvage, "We’re all in our thirties, and we’re not like we were when we were 19, wanting to play technical death metal and that’s it: our music is getting simpler, we shed layers as we grow up. I use 'grow up' instead of 'grow old' because it’s not that we’re getting soft and we want to make soft music, it’s more like we’ve matured. We’re getting straight to the point; I think it shows that we’re fulfilled as artists, and that reaches more people. It doesn’t necessarily means that our music is easier to get, just that it’s, on a certain level of course, simply better. Of course some people will want something 100% heavy, very extreme, and turn to other bands, but according to me, there’s been a true evolution in terms of tracks and harmony."

Regarding their decision to sign with Roadrunner, he says, "We’re finally on a label that fits our position as an international band, and that we actually get something from, for instance in terms of promoting the record and so on. It’s always a bit complicated to work with a big label – Roadrunner is now part of Warner – but our heads are still screwed on and we know the music business enough not to get eaten or let people get in our way. We’re vigilant. We studied our contract for almost 6 months before signing it. We know what we’re getting into. Now, what’s important to us is to see if the songs work live: our focus is artistic above all, it’s not about seeming honest or selling records. We make so much compromises in our everyday life to make this music, we can’t get away with songs that disappoint us. It works: the tracks rock live and what’s happening is amazing."

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