Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier was recently interviewed by Guitar World's Andrew Bansal during the band's headlining tour with The Devin Townsend Project and The Atlas Moth (which wound down last night in NYC). He talks about his guitars, structuring the band's set lists, performing in India, and much more.

Says Joe, "I remember back a couple of years ago when I was recording the album, I was mostly worried about the type of amps I would use and the type of microphone. But soon I started to understand that it’s the guitar that’s really the core of the sound. If you have a good guitar, it makes a huge difference on the album. We used a number of guitars. Of course, we used Jackson guitars, but we also used Gibsons for some parts to have something with a very tight low end and for the rhythm section. And I really love the Fender Telecaster, which is almost like a signature for our band now."

Regarding the live set, he says, "We were a little worried, before we even started touring, about how we were going to put these songs together. The new album is very different, very atmospheric. Finally it was just a matter of picking the right songs from the old albums and the new album and we have something that’s very homogeneous in this set list. But we’re going to have to reinvent for the next tour and mix other songs from the new album with other songs from the old albums. Because we would like to come back to the States before the end of the year, so we would like to come with a different set list."

He was really blown away by the opportunity to play the Indian Metal Festival in Bangalore; he says, "Playing in India was something we didn’t even dream of, you know [laughs]. India is so exotic, I wanted to go to India just for myself. At least once in my life I wanted to go there. But I never found the time or the money or the energy. It was a nice feeling to go there to perform and to play in front of people who are so excited. It was very, very incredible. Everything is so different there; I could talk about this for hours. We came back richer, and we feel like we learned a lot just from the experience of being there."

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