Gojira played a sold-out show at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday night, with support from The Devin Townsend Project. ArtistDirect's Rick Florino was there...and was blown away by the band's show.

He writes in his review, "Ever since unleashing last year's flawless L'Enfant Sauvage, this beast has been trudging towards the top of the genre. Last night solidified their status as its current kings though. In league with MetallicaTool, and Pantera, Gojira possess the kind of otherworldly, elegant brutality that fortifies legends.

"After unveiling a life-size replica of the human head that adorns their recent masterpiece's cover, stars lit up on a black backdrop. One by one Joe [Duplantier], his brother and drummer Mario, guitarist Christian Andreu, and [bassist] Jean-Michel Labadie took to the stage. A swell of feedback enveloped the cheers as 'Explosia' burst from their instruments.

"For the next six minutes, the pit moved in unison to the swirling and soaring riff and vocal assault of Joe and Christian. Mario's drumming remained utterly impenetrable as they launched into 'Flying Whales,' switching from polyrhythmic shuffling grooves into staggering double bass. He's one of the best to ever step behind a kit in terms of precision and power. Christian infused distinct eerie flourishes of intensity to 'Backbone' as the band stomped around the stage and Jean-Michel's bass was so tough it could've shaken the Hollywood sign out of the hills."

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