Gojira singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier was recently interviewed by HailsAndHorns.com. The band is currently in New York, recording their Roadrunner Records debut, which will be out next year.

Duplantier explains the long delay between their 2008 album The Way of All Flesh and this still untitled release, saying, "[We] need a certain kind of atmosphere to write music, we aren’t really able to while we are on tour. It’s tiring; we’re concentrated on the shows, which really doesn’t make it easy to write. And we’re with the whole technical team so it’s really not the best writing environment. So we definitely needed some time, we took about 8 months of with a few shows in between but we really succeeded in creating the perfect environment for the recording."

He also talks about the impact of recording in New York as opposed to their home country of France, saying, "We wanted to create an environment unlike anything we’ve done...The energy that’s in New York in really particular, which is something that really draws me to it, so I wanted to put a little of that energy into the album. When Mario [Duplantier, drums] first got here to do the drums, he was surprised to take the metro everyday just to go to the studio and to see all the different types of people. There’s a huge mix in New York, it’s that particular energy that’s in the city."

The interview is long and wide-ranging; go read the whole thing.

Gojira have posted two short YouTube videos from the studio. In case you've missed those, you can check them out below.