Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier was interviewed by the Australian website MetalObsession.net, prior to the band arriving in that country to play the Soundwave Festival in late February and March. He spoke about the group's still-untitled fifth studio album (and first Roadrunner release) and much more.

Says Mario, "With the new album we wanted something more organic, more…like, when we play live there is something very simple and sometimes we lose that in the studio. It’s a rule you know, a lot of bands have found this, in the studio maybe sometimes it’s too clean, too perfect. On this album we wanted a direction more like a live performance, something true where you can show the band, where you can feel the band live and we have tried to preserve some of that on the new album."

He describes the record as being "about freedom…to be precise [Joe Duplantier, guitarist and singer] told me that every person has a ‘wild child’ inside, somewhere, somehow, and we try in our life and in our band to keep this different life in our music. So this album is about our state of mind and our lifestyle, it’s like our quest for honesty and human freedom, freedom of the mind and the heart, and how we don’t want to fade away as we grow up, we don’t want to disappear."

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