Gojira will be supporting Slayer on that band's upcoming tour, and the two frontmen—Joe Duplantier and Tom Araya—sat down for an exclusive conversation with ArtistDirect.com.

Joe compares the two bands, saying, "We use no effects, no computers, and no crazy samples. It's like a raw, old school formula. It's two guitars, one bass, drums, and a guy screaming in a microphone. It's the mighty Slayer! ...When we received the offer to be main support for Slayer in North America, we were like, 'Yes!'"

He also talks about singing and playing guitar at the same time, saying, "It becomes almost natural. It's like one effort into two different things, but it's the same effort the body does. I find it's a very physical thing. Now, when I'm in the studio tracking vocals, I feel a little lost without the guitar because I'm so used to doing both at the same time."

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Gojira's tour dates with Slayer kick off October 25 and run through November 30; find a show near you!